Will my video be in HD?

Yes, We shoot wedding films with Canon DSLR Cameras and your video will be in HD. Specifically we shoot with Canon and prime lenses. These kinds of lenses and cameras is what will make your film look so crisp and beautiful.

Do you do aerial footage?

Yes, we can pilot a drone.

What are the turn around times?

The industry standard is 4+ months. We only take a few weddings per year so you can be watching you feature film in less than two months.

What is the difference between a highlight film and a feature film?

A highlight film’s duration is the length of a song (3-4 minutes). It highlights your entire wedding day and it is mixed with audio clips from the ceremony, speeches, etc. Think about it as a movie trailer.
The feature film is 30 minutes long and it contains your complete vows, pieces of the ceremony and speeches. All edited to images of the entire day with beautiful music that ties it all together.

Can I choose the music?

Unfortunately no, from our editing experience I know what pieces of music work best with films. Scores play such an important role on a film, it is what will make your guests cry and laugh when they watch your film. Trust me on the music, you will love your film.

Can I get the raw footage?

If you choose to get the raw footage, you must provide an external drive with a capacity of more than 120GB. You will receive hundreds of little digital video clips of everything we shoot.

Can you capture both of us getting ready even though we will be in separate places?

Absolutely, I always come with an second shooter who will be shooting your fiancé getting ready while I capture you.

What forms of payment do you accept? What is the payment schedule?

At the moment I only take checks and cash. If wish to pay through paypal you may do so, but you will be charged paypal’s fee.

The payment schedule is 50% to secure your date, 50% 1 month before your wedding.